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Leadership Team Building Programs

Our team building programs can help improve teamwork within your  executive leadership team and company. 

Hire a fun, inspiring team building facilitator to lead your group's leadership team building event activities and exercises.


Julius Csizmazia facilitates leadership team building programs in Jacksonville, FL designed to help you establish a more collaborative, cohesive, and  comfortable team and achieve your company's goals more quickly and  easily. 

You can learn more by calling Julius at (904) 955-4022 or contact us online for more information.


Inspire your people - Build your team

Let us engage and inspire your team at your next event with our interactive team building training programs designed to create highly effective, collaborative, and cohesive teams. 

Julius Csizmazia will  deliver a customized team building event,  leadership development program,  sales coaching workshop, motivational speech, or keynote address at your next event that is humorous, engaging, and inspirational.

Throughout your team building event, your team members will enjoy fun icebreakers, activities, exercises, games, relevant discussions and interactive processes that work for the entire group and are geared toward creating a successful, efficient, and agreeable team.


Our Leadership Team Building Method

Few people fully  realize the high level of learning and growth that's made possible through our teamwork training.  So, how does our program work?

First, we assess your team relative to the five traits of a healthy team.  Then you learn what the five traits are and work to establish the vulnerability-based trust required on your team.  You'll learn about your different behavioral styles and create  an action plan to improve your team’s health.

We customer each program based on your company's current situation, goals, and immediate objectives.  Your facilitator Julius Csizmazia will usually include and present the following topics:  

- The Five Dysfunctions of Teams
- Traits of a Healthy Team
- Building Trust
- Mastering Healthy Conflict
- Achieving Commitment
- Embracing Accountability
- Focusing on Results
- Behavioral Style (DISC)


Learning Outcomes


Depending on the design of your session, after completion you will be able to:    

1.  Identify the five traits of a healthy team 

2.  Analyze your team’s current state and use the analysis to develop a plan to improve

3.  Understand the behavioral styles of each team member 

4.  Create a healthy team by building trust, mastering healthy conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability, and focusing on results.


Follow Up Training

We incorporate follow up training into our leadership team building programs because without it, sales training is a waste of time, money and effort. 

Your best employees will gain the most from our team building training because we will reinforce and enhance their constructive  habits, their successful attitudes, and their positive behaviors.

Poor  performers may not benefit or may benefit very little because they do not have the necessary talents, skills, habits, knowledge, or attitude.

Your company may waste their money pouring resources into training poor performers.


Focus on Open Communication

Everyone knows that teams must work together to be able to achieve their tasks.  However, teams don't always have the right mix of complementary skills they need to have.  Since team members must hold themselves accountable for the outcome, when plans are not working, we should try to see things from another perspective. 

What you do as a team when plans go awry or results and numbers are down has everything to do with communication.  Everyone has a different style of communication and preferences for how they work.  We can get to know these through open communication and dialogue.  

With our customized leadership development programs, we will help you develop your leaders and equip them with the skills to  make an environment where employees can work together most effectively.  

We strive to call out the uniqueness of your people and differentiate them through their strengths.  Leaders dread "training" and will try to avoid it, whereas they will embrace and look forward to "leadership team building" and development.   That's why rather than offering "leadership training programs", we coach team leaders, inspire them, mentor them, and develop them.


Team Engagement

Everyone  knows that associates must motivate themselves and become engaged,  however, leadership must make every sales team member feel that the  leaders trust, respect, and value them as individuals. 

Leaders must ensure that everyone feels included through open  communication.                                                     

When an associate is engaged, they bring their whole heart, spirit, mind, and body to their work.  

Salary,  commissions, bonuses, benefits, and company perks may help with  recruiting and retention, but these things alone don't motivate  people to give their very best efforts.

Trust, respect, open and constant communication are the beginning of any relationship and the key to increasing engagement.


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Julius Csizmazia led a teambuilding and teamwork training workshop for Primrose Schools in Jacksonville, FL at their annual In-Service Training event which included team building activities, challenges, and discussions geared toward developing a cohesive eam.  

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In this video, Julius Csizmazia leads a team-building session for a group of leaders at Sandvik Palm Coast, a division of Sandvik that provides unique life-changing medical solutions.

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Motivational speaker and leadership team building coach Julius Csizmazia in Jacksonville, FL presents a leadership development and team building with loads of interaction and laughs to the senior leaders of  a digital marketing company based in St.  Augustine, FL.