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Transparent, Non-Persuasive, and Non-Manipulative Selling

We teach transparent, non-persuasive, and non-manipulative selling strategies and methods that may help your best performers sell much more effectively.

Our  basic belief and teaching is that we only want to work with prospects  who want what we are selling and are ready, willing and able to buy it  now.

Here's our premier selling philosophy:

"We  only work with prospects who already want what we have and are very  likely to buy it from us if we can meet their conditions of  satisfaction."

With our selling method:

  • You will eliminate trying to convince prospects, chasing after them, and feeling uncomfortable the way you sell.
  • You will not need to overcome objections or persuade anyone.
  • You will develop more competence and effectiveness in selling. 
  • You will feel better about what you do for a living.

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The Common (Traditional) Selling Method

Although  most internal, company-based sales training programs focus on  consultative selling and relationship selling strategies, these programs  usually have elements of persuasion, manipulation, and pressure.  These  methods can work successfully for some people and some of the top  salespeople use persuasive selling techniques.  

After  the initial training, though, before they've mastered the company's  sales process, most new hires stop following their company's selling  system.  The company's selling method isn't working for them or it is  not a good fit for their personality and character.

These  new hires may start doing what they've done before to survive.  They  might revert back to old bad habits and do "whatever it takes" to make a  sale and keep their jobs.  Or, they may start doing what they see the  more experienced sales reps doing (or telling them to do).

As a result, many salespeople end up trying to persuade, convince, pressure, trick, deceive and manipulate the buyer into buying their product or service. They rationalize that this is how everyone else is doing it and that this is the way it's always been done. They don't know there's another way to sell!

Our Sales Philosophy and Method

Julius will offer your team a new, more effective way of selling that is non-manipulative and non-persuasive. This method, called “High Probability Selling.” allows sales professionals to focus their selling time on prospects who are highly likely to buy.

High Probability Selling  takes salespeople off their knees and puts them back on their feet,  with dignity, where they belong. It focuses on the specific skills  needed to take a revolutionary new approach to selling. 

The  basic tenets  of this non-persuasive and non-manipulative selling philosophy are best  understood when viewed in comparison to traditional selling  methods:

- Instead of getting  the prospect to buy, the objective is to determine whether there is a  mutually acceptable basis for doing business.

- Instead of saying anything to get your foot in the door, the first step  is to honestly, dearly and concisely convey your offer and give  prospects a choice, without convincing them of anything.

- We make calls to identify "high probability prospects" so that no one's time or energy is wasted.

- We only set appointments and create "proposals" when the prospect has made a commitment to buy if we meet their criteria.

-  The first step at a sales meeting is to determine whether or not you  trust and respect the prospect, and getting to know what makes him tick.

Focus on "High Percentage Activities"

When  organizing your sales workday, we recommend that you always work on "high percentage" tasks and projects.  These are  activities that have the highest likelihood of producing revenue;  they  are actions that are the “closest to the money”.  

In order of priority, the high percentage basics are closing sales, following up sales in progress, conducting sales appointments, and prospecting.

For most sales professionals, the sales process starts with prospecting.

Basics & Fundamentals

In our sales development workshops we show salespeople how to:  

- Reach their your target market through effective telephone prospecting  

- Determine whether or not they have a qualified prospect  

- Make appointments with prospects that are ready willing and able to buy now  

- Develop relationships based on mutual trust and respect  

- Get commitments to do business if mutual conditions are met  

- Let the buyer close the sale through a process of meeting each other's requirements or conditions of satisfaction

We will help you develop your sales leadership team and equip them with the skills to make an environment where sales professionals can work most effectively.  

Follow Up Training

We incorporate follow up training into our sales training programs because without it, sales training is a waste of time, money and effort.

Your company may waste their money pouring resources into sales training without implementing a follow up sales  training reinforcement program.  


Will your salespeople get better at selling with our training?   

The  best salespeople in your company will gain the most from our sales  training because we will reinforce and enhance their constructive  habits, their successful attitudes, and their positive behaviors.  

Salespeople who already excel at their job will receive the most positive impact from additional sales training.     

Poor  performers may not benefit or may benefit very little because they do  not have the necessary talents, skills, habits, knowledge, or attitude.  

Will your company get their money's worth when they invest in our training programs?  

Yes.  We will only work  with people with whom we have developed a relationship based on trust,  respect and honoring mutual commitments.  

We only do business with people who want what we have and whose conditions of satisfaction we can meet. 

Sales Team Engagement

Everyone  knows that salespeople must motivate themselves and become engaged, however, leadership must make every sales team member feel that the  leaders trust, respect, and value them as individuals. 

Sales  leaders must ensure that everyone feels included through open  communication.                                                     

When a salesperson is engaged, they bring their whole heart, spirit, mind, and body to their work.  

Salary,  commissions, bonuses, benefits, and company perks may help with  recruiting and retention, but these things alone don't motivate  salespeople to give their very best efforts.

Trust, respect, open and constant communication are the beginning of any relationship and the key to increasing engagement.

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JULIUS MAGIC offers a free consultation and a promise that you will have no worries, you will feel relaxed and look great when working with us!  

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We deliver sales coaching and leadership development programs that are engaging, transparent, and easy to set up.  What we mean by transparent is that we have no hidden agendas or conditions.  We provide you with all the information for successful collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.