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You can hire Julius Csizmazia, an inspiring team building coach, to lead your group's team building event activities and exercises.

Julius facilitates team building programs at your location or venue.  Although Julius works primarily in the Jacksonville, FL area, he is willing to travel globally.

We can custom design your program to your requirements.  We'll help you establish a more collaborative, cohesive, and comfortable team and achieve your company's goals more quickly and easily. 

You can learn more by calling Julius at (904) 955-4022 or contact Julius online for more information.


Inspire your people - Build your team

Let us engage and inspire your team at your next event with our interactive team building training program that is relevant and easy-to-set-up. 

Throughout your team building event, your team members will enjoy fun icebreakers, activities, exercises, games, relevant discussions and interactive processes that work for the entire group and are geared toward creating a successful, efficient, and agreeable team.


Team Building Exercises & Activities

The Helium Stick

We ask the participants to hold a wooden stick on top of their index fingers and lower it to the ground as a team.

This is a fantastic and revealing team building game that will let you draw lots of conclusions about verbal vs. non-verbal communication, the  difference between loud, vocal “leaders” and those who lead by example, and more.

After they struggle for a while, the teams start to figure out how to work together to get the goal accomplished.

Some team members will try to coach the others by giving verbal instructions like, “No, let’s go down!”

When that doesn’t work, they will get more vocal (because the problem is  that everyone just isn’t listening to them, right?), and they will  shout, “Down! Down! Down!”

Once the teams begin to touch the stick, the challenge will present itself pretty quickly.

The stick is so light that the up-force from each of the fingers trying to  stay in contact is greater than the weight of the stick. The result?  Immediately, the stick will begin to rise.  

The Rules:

Every  team member has to keep both index fingers in constant contact with the  stick at all times.  If even a single team member lost contact with the stick for a moment, the team has to start over at chest height again.

The stick can only rest on the side of the index fingers. So, team members can’t wrap a finger over the top of the stick or slide fingernails over the stick, etc.  (They can’t cradle the stick or force the stick down.)

Every  team member must be standing and the starting point is chest height of  the tallest person. (We have to give this rule or everyone will drop  to their knees and try to "bend the rules" right away.)

The  goal is to lower the stick to about six inches off the ground or the  all the way down to the floor depending on the physical fitness of the  participants.

What  is interesting is how the group starts to react when the dowel rod  starts moving in exactly the opposite direction than the group expects.   Even though the goal is to put it down on the ground, it nearly always  starts floating up. At that point, participants start laughing but also  blaming each other for the dowel rod’s upward movement. 

The  more the rod goes up, the more individuals start blaming each other,  and the further away from their goal they get. In the debrief, this  becomes the main takeaway: 

Sometimes when our work realities become out  of alignment with our individual work expectations, we start pointing fingers and looking for external excuses, and as we do, performance goes down and goals suffer.

Have you seen this happen at work?

Team Building Activities Jacksonville FL
Team Building Activities Jacksonville FL

VIDEO: Team Building Session with Coach JULIUS CSIZMAZIA

Create effective teams, top performing salespeople, and great leaders through our high energy team building events and teamwork training programs.


Our Team Building Methodology

Few people realize the high level of learning and growth that we make possible through our teamwork training.  So, how does our program work?

We've chosen to base our teamwork training on the concepts elucidated in the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.   His work describes the many pitfalls that teams face as they seek to "grow together" and explores the fundamental causes of organizational politics  and team failure. 

We customize each program based on your company's current situation, goals, and immediate objectives.  

Prior to your event, we may agree to assess your team relative to the Five Traits of a Healthy Team.  At your training event, you will learn what the five traits are and work to establish the vulnerability-based trust required on your team.  

Your facilitator, Julius Csizmazia, will usually include and present the following topics:    

- The Five Dysfunctions of Teams 

- The Five Traits of a Healthy Team 

- Building Trust 

- Mastering Healthy Conflict

- Achieving Commitment 

- Embracing Accountability 

- Focusing on Results

We may also agree to conduct individual Behavioral Style (DISC) Assessments which will help your team members learn about their different behavioral styles.

As the culmination of the session, team members create an action plan to improve their team’s health and agree to hold each other accountable for successfully carrying out the action  plan. 


Learning Outcomes


Depending on the design of your session, after completion you will be able to:    

1.  Identify the five traits of a healthy team 

2.  Analyze your team’s current state and use the analysis to develop a plan to improve

3.  Understand the behavioral styles of each team member 

4.  Create a healthy team by building trust, mastering healthy conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability, and focusing on results.


Follow Up Training

We incorporate follow up training into our leadership team building programs because without it, sales training is a waste of time, money and effort. 

Your best employees will gain the most from our team building training because we will reinforce and enhance their constructive  habits, their successful attitudes, and their positive behaviors.

Poor  performers may not benefit or may benefit very little because they do not have the necessary talents, skills, habits, knowledge, or attitude.

Your company may waste their money pouring resources into training poor performers.


Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation and a promise that you will have no worries, you will feel relaxed and look great when working with us!  

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Check out this motivational leadership team building program that Julius Csizmazia presented as the keynote speaker kicking off an all-day corporate training event.  

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Motivational speaker and leadership team building coach Julius Csizmazia in Jacksonville, FL presents a leadership development and team building with loads of interaction and laughs to the senior leaders of  a digital marketing company based in St.  Augustine, FL.