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Julius Csizmazia TEAM BUILDING Jacksonville FL

Julius Csizmazia

CEO | Team Building | Sales | Leadership Development

  • Motivational Speaker
  • The Five Behaviors® Facilitator
  • High Probability Selling® Coach
  • Anthony Robbins "Fire Walker"
  • Comcast ELITE Central Division Sales Award Winner
  • Multiple AT&T Gold Club National Sales Award Winner
  • M.S. in Management, National Louis University 


Julius Team Building - Teamwork Training Programs - Jacksonville, FL

Customized Team Building Programs

We create and custom design team building programs for businesses that may improve teamwork in sales teams, leadership teams, and throughout the company.

We facilitate personalized team building programs for your associates that include high levels of hands-on, experiential learning and growth while promoting bonding and cohesion.

Julius Team Building - Teamwork Training Programs - Jacksonville, FL

Remarkable Training Event Experiences

With Julius Csizmazia as your team building coach, your team members will take part in fun icebreakers, challenges, "hands-on" activities, phenomenal exercises, exciting games, relevant discussions, and interactive processes that everyone can love. 

Why not invite Julius Csizmazia, an award-winning sales performer, engaging motivational speaker and innovative team building coach to your company's meeting, conference, or retreat!

Julius Csizmazia

(904) 955-4022



Motivational Speaker

As your keynote motivational speaker, Julius will establish the theme for your  event, capture the essence of the meeting and communicate your desired learning outcomes effectively.  

Julius uses humor, audience participation, and magic to share your messages in an appropriate, memorable & fun way.


Sales & Leadership Development Speaker

As your motivational speaker, leadership coach or sales trainer, Julius can touch your audience's hearts, help them learn valuable insights, and boost their engagement, morale, and well-being. 

Engage and amaze your audience with a personable, likeable and entertaining corporate trainer who has award-winning leadership and top performing sales experience. 

Sales Training Jacksonville FL

Sales Training and Coaching

We offer sales training based on the concepts and principles taught by Carl Ingalls, the leader of High Probability Selling, a transparent, non-persuasive, non-manipulative selling method originally introduced in the book, "High Probability Selling", by Jacques Werth.



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VIDEO: Team Building Session with Coach JULIUS CSIZMAZIA

Create effective teams, top performing salespeople, and great leaders through our high energy team building events - leadership development programs - sales training and coaching workshops - motivational speeches and keynote addresses.


Check out this motivational leadership team building program that Julius Csizmazia presented as the keynote speaker kicking off an all-day corporate training event.  


Motivational speaker and leadership team building coach Julius Csizmazia in Jacksonville, FL presents a leadership development and team building with loads of interaction and laughs to the senior leaders of  a digital marketing company based in St.  Augustine, FL.


We deliver sales team building, coaching and leadership development programs that are engaging, transparent, and easy to set up.  What we mean by transparent is that we have no hidden agendas or conditions.  We provide you with all the information for a successful collaboration.