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Inspire your people

Do you want to hire a team building coach who can help you develop a more effective and cohesive team?  

Let us inspire your team with an engaging, interactive, customized team building training program.   

Build your team

We can help you develop great teams, leaders, and salespeople through our jaw-dropping event experiences. 

Grow to the next level

Are you ready to grow to the next level and take the next step together?

Let's now see whether our dynamic, hands-on training programs will help you achieve the results you want.

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Julius Csizmazia

Team Building Coach

Team Building Jacksonville, FL

After many years of top performing sales success at Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T and Comcast, Julius now dedicates himself to helping companies build successful and cohesive teams, great leaders and top performing salespeople.

A dynamic motivational speaker and coach, Julius propels your company's team building events to the next level!

Whether as your motivational speaker, team building event facilitator, or sales workshop leader, Julius will help your people break through their limitations and boundaries and position them to positively impact your company's future. 

Customized team building programs

Are you seeking to create a  fun, inspiring team building event and hire an engaging, inspiring facilitator to lead your group's team building retreat. event, program, activities or exercises?

Do you want a business solution that will improve  teamwork within your executive leadership team as well as in your  company as a whole?

Throughout your team building event, your team members will enjoy fun icebreakers, activities, exercises, games, relevant discussions and interactive processes that everyone will love and that we'll gear toward building your successful, efficient, and agreeable team.

Remarkable training event experiences

As an award-winning sales performer, engaging  speaker and innovative performer, I will bring new life, breath, and connection to your next event.

Contact me now for a free consultation to learn whether what I have to offer is exactly what you want.

Let's see if l can custom design a workshop or presentation that perfectly fits your requirements and meets your conditions of satisfaction.

You'll have no worries, you'll feel relaxed, and you'll feel great for calling me!


Keynote Speaker

Julius Csizmazia - Keynote Speaker

Kick off your program with an inspiring, entertaining keynote speech.

Delight your group with our leadership development and team building programs! 

As your keynote speaker, I will establish the theme for your  event, capture the essence of the meeting and communicate your desired message effectively.  

I'll use humor, audience participation, team building activities,  leadership development exercises, music, and magic to share  your messages in an appropriate, memorable & fun way.  

I'll invest time to learn your goals and  objectives and then research your industry, your issues, and  know your audience.    

Sales & Leadership Development

Enjoy an engaging sales and leadership team building development program. 

As your motivational speaker, coach or trainer, I can touch your  audience's hearts, help them learn valuable insights, and boost their levels of engagement, morale, and well-being. 

Engage and amaze your audience with a likable corporate trainer who has award-winning leadership and top performing sales experience.

We value the building  of relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and mutual commitments.  

Rather than "training" people, Julius coaches, mentors,  and develops them.    

High Probability Selling

Sales Training Jacksonville FL

Do you want a business sales training solution that will improve sales and profitability within your executive leadership team as well as in your company's sales force as a whole? 

Are you seeking a fun, inspiring sales training facilitator to lead your group's sales training?

With Julius, your group will learn transparent, non-manipulative selling strategies and methods:

  • Forget about overcoming objections or having to persuade anyone.
  • Eliminate sales resistance and chasing after prospects
  • Develop more confidence, competence and effectiveness in selling.

Video 1

Check out this motivational leadership team building program that Julius Csizmazia presented as the keynote speaker kicking off an all-day corporate training event.  

Video 2

Motivational speaker and leadership team building coach Julius Csizmazia in Jacksonville, FL presents a leadership development and team building with loads of interaction and laughs to the senior leaders of  a digital marketing company based in St.  Augustine, FL.

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